Netflix Killed the Rom Com Star

Happy Galentines Day to all my ladies out there! As a woman who has spent many-a-Galentines Day indulging in self-obtained treats and Kate Hudson classics, I want to address an issue that has been top of mind recently: The extremely apparent and abrupt demise of the Romantic Comedy.

Now, as many of you know, I am a huge movie fan. In fact, before I ended up in digital media, I was convinced I was going to be the next badass female film director; as film was the first creative medium that truly resonated with me in regards to storytelling. To give you an idea, I conscientiously make a point to see all of the Oscar Best Picture contenders in theater ahead of the awards each year, and even had the opportunity to attend the ceremony.. twice. Alas, I digress.

So, at the risk of sounding like a basic betch...

There are few small pleasures I find more satisfying than sitting down with girlfriends, a fresh bottle of wine, and face masks to watch an early 2000s, mind-numbing, 90-minute Rom Com.

Ah yes, the simple things in life.

So, tell me, when was the last time one of these perfectly simple entertainment pieces was released? If you're an expert like me, you would probably say somewhere around 2011 with movies like Friends with Benefits or *insert Jennifer Aniston flick here*. Consequently, equating to just a few short years before Netflix started producing original content, with shows such as Orange is the New Black in 2013.

Yep, Netflix killed the Rom Com.

With its high production value, extremely well-developed characters and plots, Orange is the New Black and its successors created a new standard for the entertainment industry that was attainable for viewers across all demographics.

For the consumer, Netflix is cheap, ubiquitous and does not require a premium cable subscription, unlike its former competitors such as HBO or Showtime (which also now have a-la-cart over-the-top services following Netflix’s model). Netflix content is widely attainable while rivaling the quality of Oscar Bait. If the past few seasons' award shows are any indication, Netflix’s original content pioneered a renaissance in television that finally put TV on par with the film industry. While TV shows are finally being recognized as a medium comparable to their big sister, movies, it changed the standard for content quality, as audiences continue to crave high budget works.

So, despite the low budget of cheesy but lovable Rom Coms, filmmakers are no longer investing in this simple and mindless entertainment and it breaks my former teenaged heart.

While we continue to recycle these early 2000s masterpieces, Hollywood, we ask that you please bring back the Rom Com. It has been dearly missed. And to all my ladies out there celebrating Galentines Day, rewatching How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days for the 79th time, I stand with you.


Not Jordy

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