Fitspo for the Frank, Funny & Fabulous: Tone It Up

Katrina Scott & Karena Dawn of Tone It Up

Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott’s second stop on their Tone It Up Tour in Brooklyn. Having followed this female fitness power duo for the past four years, I was amped to see their business come to life. The fitness festival featured workouts with K&K, CorePower Yoga, and fitness legend, Jillian Michaels, all of which were equal parts fun and challenging. Between the workouts, there were booths with healthy foods and drinks, a beauty bar with hair braiding, rose quartz bracelet-making, and my personal favorite, the Rosé Garden featuring Summer Water Rosé. With a VIP press pass I scored from my company, I was lucky enough to access all parts of the festival including K&K’s and Jillian’s meet & greets.

Lunges on Lunges on Lunges with Jillian Michaels

When we arrived on site, my colleague and I set up camp with our yoga mats in the fitness area before exploring the different booths and activities at the venue. This particular stop of the tour was located at Brooklyn Bridge Park on a pier overlooking the river and the gorgeous NYC skyline. With luck from the weather gods, we had a perfect 75-degree-and-sunny afternoon, with the most beautiful cotton-candy-colored sunset I’ve seen in the city. It was going to be a good day.

The first fitness activity offered was the CorePower Yoga class, which, if I had to pick, is my favorite yoga studio. Not the most flexible human in the world (thank you, running), I enjoy the flow of CorePower Yoga, as it focuses on doable, yet strengthening poses and movement.

Following this class, we admittedly stopped by the rosé tent for a glass of vino. (NOTE: I do not advise this before any workout, let alone a Jillian Michaels workout). Alas, we couldn’t resist the siren sound of the millennial pink drink so we sipped and braced ourselves for Jillian’s Burn class. She told us she was going to kick our asses before she even launched into the first circuit, and she wasn’t kidding. Energetic and intense, Jillian led a thirty-minute class, featuring HIIT, core, and leg work. I looked over to my friend no less than five times during those thirty minutes in agony over my burning quads and glutes. So yes, she did in fact kick our asses (P.S. the rosé didn’t help our cause).

Enjoying Some Summer Water in the Rosé Garden

The last workout (and my personal favorite) was Karena & Katrina’s Tone It Up sculpting class. From the squats to the dance breaks, this workout was amazing. These women make you work it, without feeling like it’s a workout. Their enthusiasm, energy, and warmth makes toning it up a treat. Between the HIIT circuits, to the total body toning movements, there's no doubt you are getting a killer workout. However, they focus on the community, partner exercises, uniting the group, and connecting with us to make it an unprecedented fitness experience. One second, you’re struggling to get through a set of leg lifts, the next second, there’s Katrina on the mat next to you, cheering you on and pushing through the workouts with you. They fully immerse themselves in their commitment to their craft and the incredible group of women in the TIU Community. It’s truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

After sharing another couple glasses of wine, getting some braids in our hair, mingling with several TIU babes, and getting to meet and chat with K&K, we headed home for the evening. As my friend and I were walking out, we were pretty much on cloud nine from the festivities. We both were thrilled with the fun-filled day, but also could not get over the unbelievable amount of kindness and support shared among the TIU girls. Never once had either of us been in a group of hundreds of women and girls all there to cheer each other on. It was the first time I experienced any fitness class where there was no feeling of competition or negativity from any of the fellow attendees. It was so refreshing to experience this level of camaraderie, and watch as no one hesitated to connect, support, or throw a compliment for someone else’s colorful workout gear (I don’t think I saw the same pair of leggings twice). The TIU women are unbelievably supportive of each other and their shared mission to live a healthier and happier life. And that movement was cultivated and nurtured by two girls who met at the gym. That is something remarkable.

My booty soreness may have (finally) worn off, but the incredible feelings of support and community aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. For that, K&K, I salute you.

NotJordy Fit Score: 10/10


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