Fitspo for the Frank, Funny & Fabulous: Title Boxing Gym

Aside from being famous, what do Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, and Adriana Lima have in common? They all have, at some point, taken up boxing to get their incredible figures. As I have mentioned prior, I'm definitely into more high-intensity workouts, and as someone who grew up playing sports, I enjoy a bit of competition. That said, I'm incredibly squeamish, hate violence, and have never hit someone, let alone considered actually fighting competitively. However, when I read about the physical benefits of boxing, and the fact that (unless you're training independently) in most boxing classes you don't have to actually fight people--you fight a bag. Now that I could get on board with.

Shortly after I began working in New York, I was on a mission to find a convenient gym that I could guarantee I'd utilize consistently. I overheard my colleague discussing joining Title Boxing Club, just three blocks from our office, so I decided to join her one day after work. High off of the endorphins, I signed up for a membership immediately, and regrettably did not read the fine print of the contract. Title is a fitness class unlike anything I had ever done before or since I terminated my membership. It is challenging, exhausting, and I doubt their 1000-calories-burned-per-class promise is an exaggeration.

THE CLASS begins when the instructor rings the bell (not dissimilar to the bells you hear signaling the beginning of a boxing match), and everyone in the gym is paired with a heavy bag and maybe a 5-square-foot zone to move. The class has a timer displayed on the wall with 8 different time periods. The rounds are split up into a warm-up (burpees, pushups, squat jumps etc.), 3-minute boxing periods, active rest periods (they use the term rest very lightly, as these periods are made up of intense yet "optional" calisthenic and plyometric exercises), and cool-down with core (yeah, abs on fire is not exactly my idea of a cool-down either). To reiterate, it's essentially a 1-hour, non-stop, boxing and high intensity interval training class. In summation, while being the most challenging fitness class I've taken to date, it's fun, effective, and not mention it feels pretty cathartic to hit something on a stressful day.

THE FINE PRINT that I mentioned before? Well, you're bound to your membership for what seems like forever... You see, they don't let you take a free class to try it out... you just have to sign up. Naturally, unsure of whether I would even enjoy boxing, I signed up for the month-to-month, under the impression, that by the name, I could cancel after a month if I pleased. Well, it turns out, you need to give 30 days notice of cancellation, and still pay an additional month's membership ($175/month). I had requested to freeze my membership as well (due to a back injury) and they wouldn't honor that on the month-to-month plan. If you ask me, its a pretty dated and poorly managed system. On top of that, as someone who likes to workout at least 5 days per week, I found it difficult to do that with this type of club. Because the workouts are so grueling, my body simply couldn't handle that level of intensity daily. Plus, did I mention the place doesn't feel like its been cleaned in years, there aren't proper locker rooms or locks, and I wouldn't be surprised if the gloves gave you a disease? Yeah, the cons were enough to outweigh the positives for me. If I'm going to spend nearly $200 per month on my fitness regime, I don't want it to come with a side of staph infection.

OVERALL, would I recommend signing up for a full time membership at Title Boxing Gym? Absolutely not. Would I recommend trying boxing because it is a killer workout and gets you in shape quickly? Absolutely yes. I wish I'd known this prior, but if you have ClassPass, Title is included in the studios offered, and I'd recommend starting there before signing a deal with this devil.

NotJordy Fit Score: 6/10


Not Jordy

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