Fitspo for the Frank, Funny & Fabulous: Fit & Fly Girl Pop-Up

As I’ve mentioned prior, I am a bit of a gym rat (ugh I hate that term, but it’s true). Always up to try new things, I signed up to attend Fit & Fly Girl’s pop-up event with Amanda Kloots and Hannah Davis at Bandier in NYC.

The event, hosted by Fit & Fly Girl, was a one-hour fitness class, half dedicated to “The Dance”, Amanda Kloots’s signature class at Studio B, and half dedicated to “Body By Hannah”, a high-intensity interval-training class that focuses on building strength and agility.

I have followed Amanda Kloots for a while now, and tried her workouts online; however, the class is definitely a different animal. Aptly named “The Dance”, you follow the former Rockette as she performs elaborately choreographed movements to upbeat, and fun girly tunes. As someone who has two left feet, I found this class to be difficult to keep up with; although not as intense as other workouts I've done, (likely because I have no rhythm and was trying too hard to do the proper movements). Even though I’m no dancer, overall, the vibe of the class is super fun, and Amanda keeps you smiling the entire time. It’s seriously no wonder her program has a cult-like following.

After Amanda wrapped up, Hannah Davis, from Body By Hannah took the lead. It was a pretty abrupt transition from attempting to gracefully move to the beat of a song to hard-core circuits of body weight exercises. Think: burpees, pushups, planks, and jump lunges, to name a few. Needless to say, I struggled to keep from slipping on my mat, as I was sweating so much (apologies for the overshare). But this was LEGIT. I have always been a fan of more high-intensity, sports-based training, so this class was definitely more my speed. I regularly do HIIT and circuit training on my own so the movements in this class were familiar, even if they left little time for rests (on my own I typically allow myself the luxury of substantial rest periods). I certainly felt the burn the next day.

Both classes were definitely fun, and I think it depends on your preference for exercise (and perhaps your ability to dance) that would determine the better choice for you. But I definitely recommend trying both! Following the classes, we all meandered into the upstairs floor of Bandier for some chatting, light bites, and juices. Juices were provided by Pressed Juicery, which I’ve been a fan of for years and bites were provided by the high-end meal delivery service, Sakara Life which was surprisingly tasty. I mingled a bit and got to talking with the founder of Fit & Fly Girl, Rebecca Garland, who left her career as an attorney to start a company for female fitness retreats. Fit & Fly Girl retreats are 7 days of fitness, wellness, and female empowerment shared in exotic locales from Bali to Tulum. Rebecca and I shared our love for wellness and the amazing power it has for bringing women together to elevate and support one another.

Moving forward, despite the often lofty price tag of events and retreats like this, I would absolutely consider taking the week to recharge, center, and sweat it out at a Fit & Fly Girl retreat. If a retreat isn't your style, (and as a newbie I can't guarantee it will be my own, but stay tuned), at least take the time to try one of the classes by Hannah or Amanda. You won't be disappointed.

NotJordy Fit Score: 8/10


Not Jordy

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