Wine & Wanderlust: Toronto

“Running through the six with my woes...”

Yorkville, Toronto just one of many rap lyrics I’m embarrassed to say I don’t understand. That is, until my 18-year old brother explained this one to me on our family adventure to Toronto this past weekend. (JSYK apparently, “woes” are homies or friends and "the six" is Toronto).

Anyway, having never been to Canada, aside from a brief trip as an infant to Vancouver many years ago, I was interested in what the city had to offer, and it turns out, quite a lot! While the city does not stray far from an American city, the overall vibe felt like a breath of fresh air from my typical day-to-day in New York. Clean, friendly, with a slew of boutique-y restaurants with terraces and rooftop tables, I was quite impressed. Did you know that Canadian wines are a thing? I didn’t before this trip, but turns out, they’re not half bad! If you know me well, you know I’m a sucker for a day of wine tasting in any capacity.

Konzelmann Estate Winery

We spent most of our time in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto, which was cute, quaint, and rather upscale. We did, however, make a point to make the pilgrimage to Niagara Falls, which I may add, were quite beautiful. After exploring the falls, we didn’t stick around the city of Niagara Falls for too long, as the area was quite possibly the worst tourist trap I’d ever seen (think something reminiscent of Pleasure Island in Pinocchio meets Something Wicked This Way Comes). Rather, we trekked out to Niagara-On-The-Lake, an equally touristy town but more in a Cape Cod vacation village type of way. This town was cute and cozy, with a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario just a stone’s throw away. As we ventured back to Toronto, we made a point to stop at the local wineries to try the Canadian grape. Although I didn’t fancy most of the reds or the lighter-bodied whites, Canada makes a darn good Chardonnay, as evidenced by Konzelmann Estate Winery.

While all of these aspects of the trip were great, as a foodie, we all know the best part of a vacation is indulging in some serious eats. Although I did not get to feast on a plate of their national dish, poutine (still bummed about that one), I did enjoy quite a few delicious meals from a range different cuisines.

Here were some of the highlights:

  • Trattoria Nervosa - Cozy Italian Dinner

  • Carpaccio di Manzo prepared with beef tenderloin, truffled cannellini beans, pecorino, micro greens & truffled emulsion

  • Lola’s Kitchen - Betchy Sunday Brunch

  • Kale Breakfast Bowl with chorizo, leeks, fennel, squash, purple + black kale, organic poached eggs, and a smoked paprika oil drizzle

  • Kasa Moto - Upscale Chic Japanese Dinner

  • Yellowtail Tartare with yogurt, cucumber emulsion, gyoza & shallots

  • Wagyu Fried Rice with soy butter, crispy shallots & chives

  • Cibo - Light Dinner & Cocktails

  • We enjoyed a charcuterie board, an order of arancini, and their fried artichoke and zucchini salad. While the food was enjoyable, the real standout here was the service and ambiance. Great wine bar for a low-key evening with tasty bites and friendly staff.

(from left to right: Carpaccio di Manzo, Breakfast Kale Bowl, Yellowtail Tartare)

The verdict? Toronto was great for a long weekend of great dining, family company, and shopping. Although I can now say I too enjoyed my time in “The Six”, New York, you still have my heart.


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