Fitspo for the Frank, Funny & Fabulous: Fitness Junkie x FlyBarre

July 12, 2017



As I mentioned in my last fitness post, I have been reading Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza's amazing new novel, Fitness Junkiewhich was officially released yesterday, July 11th. Through a collaboration with Lucy, SheKnows Media sent me to attend her book's release party, which of course included a class at FlyBarre in NYC (how apropos right?) Before I get into the specifics of the workout, I want to reiterate how AMAZING Fitness Junkie is, and that you should all drop everything you're doing right now and go pick up a copy because it's going to be your book club's next summer read.


Prior to this morning, I had never attended a FlyBarre class. I have attended barre classes at Equinox and was a member of Barre3 for a brief time period, but this was something else. Unlike the aforementioned classes, FlyBarre solely focuses on abs and arms (as a runner, my most neglected and least favorite muscle zones to activate). But alas, I did not know this; despite its description as a supplement to it's spin-style FlyWheel classes, which primarily target your lower body. If you are like me, then 45 minutes of straight abs and arms is essentially torture, and with my less-than-6-hours of sleep (thanks to my insomniac dog) I was less-than-prepared for this class. As with most barre classes, the routine focuses on small pulse-like movements to activate specific muscle groups. But don't be fooled, those little movements KILL. Props to trainer Patrice Caracci, because between those tiny leg-lifts and mini bicep curls, my core and arms were screaming by the end of the workout. And it was 100% worth it.


While low impact, FlyBarre definitely boasts high results and I can totally understand how it could become an addiction. Although I am committed to the Equinox lifestyle for the foreseeable future, if given the opportunity, I would absolutely partake in a FlyBarre class again and highly recommend it to anyone interested in an effective and challenging workout. Plus, working out alongside Lucy Sykes did make me feel like quite the Fitness Junkie, if I do say so myself.


Make sure to pick up a copy of Fitness Junkie and don't forget to enter to win a Fitness Junkie  gym prize package stocked with a copy of the novel, a LeSportsac gym bag, and a Fitness Junkie racerback tank top.


NotJordy Fit Score: 8/10



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