Beauty Break: Skin Skeptic No More

If you know me well, you know I have quite the penchant for shopping for little things. Whether that’s accessories, shoes, or beauty products, I for whatever reason, and whatever cost, find them much easier to invest in. This habit has made me an Etsy addict and a Sephora VIB Rouge.

Regarding beauty, I used to purchase all the lipsticks, foundations, and brushes without the bat of an eye; but for whatever reason, had a hard time spending the big bucks on skin products themselves. It wasn’t until recently that my investment in my skin over the ever-capricious nature of fashion trends and makeup has honestly come in handy. Although I find it often painful to admit, my current beauty regime doesn’t come cheap. But for someone who struggled with skin issues since the 4th grade, I felt it was time to invest, and as much as my paycheck pains me to say, it works.

To begin, my skin is naturally oily. For all the years I battled with breakouts, my parents would say, “You’ll be grateful for your complexion when you’re older and wrinkle-free”. Sure, I thought, that sounds great if you’re 55, but I’m 16 and that ish doesn’t matter to me now. Alas, I tried all the topical treatments from dermatologists, and over-the-counter Walgreens fare, and none quite eliminated the breakouts, while many simply added dryness to boot. Add a changing climate (between east coast summer humidity and winter dryness) and I had declared my skin my biggest insecurity.

This insecurity manifested itself greatly in college, where you would be hard-pressed to find me without a full face (contour and all). The more I hated my skin, the more I tried to cover it, and the worse it got. I was in a constant cycle of acne, makeup, treatment, peeling. It was a cycle that made me feel worse by the day.

I ultimately had my skin analyzed and found that although my skin is naturally oily, it was dehydrated and all the products I was using to combat the oiliness were actually working against me, causing me to simultaneously peel and break out at once. It wasn’t until I graduated from college, started my first job, and began earning a steady income that I decided it was time to invest in quality skin products. And that’s exactly what I did (Bonus: I also saw decline in makeup expenses as I began to lose the need to hide my face 24/7 which was a HUGE win). I continued to use prescriptions provided by my dermatologist but I then muscled up the funds to invest in the Caudalie Serum and Eye Cream, Peter Thomas Roth Face Masks, a Clarisonic, Kiehl’s Face Wash (a men's face wash ironically), and embarked on my skin treatment journey.

In less than two months, my skin had cleared up (including dark spots that peppered my face from existing blemishes). My skin was dewy without peeling or greasy, and I found myself wearing less and less makeup by the day. I finally felt confident enough to walk out the door bare-faced, without an agonizing feeling of insecurity tugging at me; and that is priceless.

Although my wallet hurts a bit, I figure investing in the largest organ in my body is worth it.


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